The source for all things dance, but with a California hip hop flair.  All of their articles and interviews have a funny and laid back twist to them that makes you just want to keep reading more!   They cover everything from choosing the right costume for your performance to the hottest new hip hop choreography video.  They also include great interviews with tips from choreo giants like Jawn Ha, Sorah Yang, and many more.  They even have online classes from some of your favorite choreographers! You can watch any time, and learn whenever you want! It also helps to have the pause and rewind function, for us regular dancers who take us a while to learn 😉


Adult Ballerina Project


Okay so this is a blog, not necessarily an all things dance website, but it has amazing content.  As many adults now ask, you can start dancing at any age! follows a new dancer who fell in love with ballet, after randomly taking a class.  She posts great tips and techniques for ballet through video and expert interviews! What’s great is that she also posts dancer stories who began at a late age as well, inspiring and encouraging other to start their dance journey, no matter the age.  To make it easier, she lists studios who have adult classes available in the US, UK, South Africa, Canada, and Australia!

Dance Spirit.Com


photo by Lucas Chilczuk for DanceMedia LLC
photo by Lucas Chilczuk for DanceMedia LLC

The magazine website does a great job of covering ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about dance, and we of course love it! With access to some of the dance worlds major hitters, like Maddie Ziegler, there are tons of interviews and articles for advice, insight, or just fun stuff! There are also tons of giveaways, videos, even fitness and nutrition! Need to find something? Your best bet would definitely be this site.




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