Dance Tip Tuesday:

Stretches We Love

Stretching is very important in dance. Whether you are in dance class or at a convention or competition. To improve your flexibility you want to stretch for at least 30 minutes EVERYDAY. Here are a few of our favorite stretches to add to your stretching routine!!

Shin Stretch


This stretch doesn’t have a cool name but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work great. It stretches the muscles in the top of your foot and your shin. You want to start by sitting on your knees, then grab one of your knees with that same hand and gently pull up. It is important that you do not sickle your feet in the back when lifting your knee up. This is a great stretch because the shin very rarely gets stretched and this can help with avoiding shin splints after a long day of dance.


Wide Frog Stretch


This stretches has a funny name and looks a little odd but does wonders to open your hips!! you want to start on your hands and knees and open your legs up. While doing this stretch you want to make sure you keep your knees and ankles in line at a 90 degree angle. To make the stretch harder you can sway side to side to get lower!!

Number 4 Stretch

DH-4-2 DH-5-2

This is a great stretch for your hamstring and hips. to perform this stretch lay on your back and put both legs in the air. Take one leg and cross it over the other creating the number 4. Put your hand through the hole and and pull your legs toward you while keeping your back on the ground.

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