Dance Tip Tuesday: Posture

Posture is very important in dance. A lot of moves can not be executed without correct posture. The use of correct posture can help prevent a lot of injuries and can also help with stamina when performing a routine. Let’s go through correct dance posture starting from the head down.

Head and Neck:

You want a flat and lifted neck. Make sure that you are not sticking your neck out but also not tucking your chin in.


For correct posture you want to make sure your shoulders are down and back. Try thinking about holding a pencil in between your shoulder blades.  


You want to keep your ribcage closed and tight.


While you are dancing your abs should always be engaged. This does not mean you suck in your stomach. Instead you want to tighten your stomach as if you were doing a crunch.


In correct dance posture your hips should be flat and your glutes tightened.

Tips to keep your posture:

Perform a posture check: before going into class or stepping onstage.

Workout your abs: Do ab workouts regularly so that it becomes easier to engage your abs

Hold posture outside of dance: use dance posture in your everyday life so it becomes easier and more natural. While you are walking around a grocery store or in line at school hold your posture and see how much easier it gets!!

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