Dance Tip Tuesday- Improvisation Tips

Improvisation better know as improv in the dance world can be very intimidating for even the most advanced of dancers. Here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable improving.

Use different songs and different styles

We all have a favorite style, usually the one we feel more comfortable in but to really improve your improv you have to practice as many styles as possible.

Start with songs you know by heart

The best songs to start improving to are your favorite songs. You know the lyrics, the meaning and the accents in the music. When you are practicing try to hit those accents and use the meaning to perform. Once you feel comfortable improving to your favorite songs start using songs you don’t know.

Take improv seriously

When you are practicing or when you are class try your best not to goof off and laugh. Your won’t get better unless you take it seriously and try your best.

Isolate your body

Start with one part of your body such as your head and then add another and another. I like to start moving my head, staying in one place then adding my arms, followed by my torso and finally adding my legs and moving across the floor.

Practice Practice Practice

You don’t need to be in class to improv. You can practice in your living room, your bedroom, or even your car. Just put some music on and start moving.

Once you get comfortable with improv you may find it to be your favorite part of dance. You get to express your true self through your own movement.


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