Improving your Fouetté Turns

Fouetté turns are beautiful but they are not easy. Here are some tips to help you improve your fouettés!!

Start with a High Leg

When you swivel around you want to make sure you have a 90 degree leg. This will help with the dipping of the leg during the transition from front to side.

High passé

If you start with a high leg and keep it high, having a high passé shouldn’t be too hard. Make sure when you bring your leg into passé you are only bending from your knee instead of lowering your entire leg.

Have a Strong Supporting Leg

When you are doing your turns you want to make sure you are getting your leg all the way straight and that you are taking a deep plié. 

Use your Arms

Using your arms will help you maintain power during your fouettés and allow you to do more rotations.

Lead With Opposite Shoulder

A big problem with getting a lot of rotations is leaning. A way to help you not lean is using your opposite shoulder. You want to think of leading your rotation with your opposite shoulder, really whip it around so it doesn’t fall behind and cause you to get off balance.


One of the hardest things for someone first learning fouettés is not double bouncing and getting the correct rhythm. When your leg is to the front you are in plié and you are on relevé when your leg is to the side and in passé. Your counts should be one and two, three and four, five and six, seven and eight. You plié on the odds and you are on relevé for the and, and even counts.

Practice Practice Practice

You can’t get better if you don’t practice. Don’t forget to do preparations at the barre to improve your strength and rhythm. Also start with one turn and once that is perfect add more rotations on from there!!

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