Dance Tip Tuesday:

Improve Your Pirouettes

One of the staples in almost every style of dance is a pirouette, they are one of the first moves we learn growing up. Here are three tips to improve your pirouettes.

A Strong Core

The most important thing for a good pirouette is a strong core. To be able to get multiple, clean rotations, you need a strong core to hold your alignment and stay tight. Doing ab work outs every night is an easy way to improve your core strength.

Lift up, Drill Down

I like to think of cutting my body in half when doing a pirouette. You want to imagine you have a string on top of your head and someone is pulling on the string and lifting your upper body up. At the same time, you want to think of your leg as a drill and imagine drilling a hole in the ground. This resistance will help you keep correct posture and get more rotations.

Connected Passé

The tighter you are when turning the more rotations you can get. Make sure your passé is attached at the top of the knee and that it stays attached throughout the entire turn.


The correct alignment is to have your shoulders right over your hips. To do this you want to engage your abs and try to take the arch out of back. You want to make sure your bottom is tucked under and your hips are square.


The key to doing multiple rotations is spotting!!! You want to spot something small and at eye level.

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