Dynamic Stretches

A dynamic stretch is a stretch that has motion to it, these stretches put your muscles into an extended range of motion. It is very important that we do dynamic stretches to warm up or body and not only static stretches, or stretches where we hold the same position for long periods of time. A Lot of dynamic stretches are built into ballet barre.

Dynamic stretches will engage muscles that we will use while we are dancing that regular static stretching won’t. Dynamic stretches will help will flexibility, agility and strength. Here are some of our favorite dynamic stretches

Front Pulse Kick

Start in a front tendu lift leg to 90 degrees and pulse up and down from 90 to over 90 then back to 90. Do that 10-20 times, the do 10-20 kicks. Make sure your hips stay square and you aren’t using your entire body to lift your leg. Also don’t forget about your bottom leg, keep it straight and lifted.

Passé Lift

Start in passé, then lift your knee to your armpit, and then bring it back to passé. Do this 15-25 times fast on both sides. Remember to keep your hip down and bottom engaged.

Downward Dog Kicks

You want to start in a downward dog position with your hands and feet hip and shoulder width apart. Lift one of your legs into a needle position and pulse. Do this 10-20 times and lower. Then you want to go all the way from the ground and kick your leg. Again do this 10-20 times then switch legs. You want to make sure you don’t wiggle your hips when you kick. Also make sure you don’t sit in your back and make it arch.

Dynamic stretching along with static stretching can really help to improve your flexibility.  

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