Dance Tip Tuesday: 4 Easy Steps to Improving Your Leaps

Use ankle weights.

When you are in class or at home practicing leaps put some 1-5 lb weights around your ankles. This will help build strength in your legs. When you take them off your legs will feel a lot lighter and you will be able to jump higher.

Lift and look up

video dwc-2

It is important to lift and look up in your leaps as well as your prep. Whether it be a run or a chassé make sure you you are lifted from your hips up and your chin is up.

Use your plié

In order to get your leaps high you need to get low!! Taking a nice deep plié in your prep will really help spring your leap up.


Leaps not only need strength and power they also need flexibility. Make sure you are stretching both your splits and opening your hips up!!

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