Are you trying to find a workout that makes the gym a little less miserable? Here are some dance based workouts that will help those dreary workout days! 


Usually an hour long, Zumba is a fast paced, non-stop cardio workout that has roots in Latin, African, and Caribbean movement.   To target specific parts of the body, music will change from fast to slow beats to really get into smaller movements with more impact.  This is great for all levels, and if you can’t keep up that’s fine! Just feel the music and keep moving!


Based off of ballet and Pilates movements, barre exercises focus on developing long lean muscle using the barre and your own body weight. The targeting sections are changed every interval which encourages your body to burn fat. After a long intense workout, you end the day by stretching which gives your body time to cool and increase flexibility. Never danced ballet? No problem, the only ballet terms you will hear is first, second, and fourth position (easy stuff you can find on YouTube!).


Hip Hop Cardio

A more cardio intense class with huge amount of choreography to get your heart pumping! You’ll feel great dancing to hip music, and you won’t even realize you’re working up a sweat! You will definitely feel it the next day.

Belly dancing

Another fun activity not many people think about is belly dancing, which targets deep muscles and increases flexibility. Great option for people who need a low impact workout and its tons of fun! Who wouldn’t want to use those fun coin skirts and scarves?

Salsa Dancing

Great aerobic workout with  floor work and turns. A lot of ab work goes into it by moving your hips in smaller, controlled movements. It’s also a perfect opportunity to get social! You’ll meet tons of new people having fun, which will always encourage you to come back.


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