Has it always been your dream to perform down the streets of Magic Kingdom, or be on stage while traveling around the world? Here are some tips to nail a theme park or cruise audition! 

  1. If you want them to take you seriously you need two things: Head shot and resume

Although you get a number associated with you, in the end judges want someone who fits the look. Put your best foot forward by having a great head shot and they’ll be sure to remember your face! Also have a great resume put together.  You might audition for one part, but if they see you have experiences in other areas, they may place you in an even better position!

  1. Dress appropriately

Is it a technique audition, hip hop, or stilt walking? Always be sure you dress appropriately for anything they may need you to do.  Not entirely sure? Bring everything! It’s better to be prepared  then to be blinded by an unexpected occurrence, like a same day call back!

  1. Do your research!

Doing your research can help you out immensely. Finding out if they prefer shorter girls with red hair, freckles, and aerial experience ahead of time can help save you from driving alllll the way to an audition for nothing.  Also following their directions help the audition process go smoother for you, and show your professionalism.  Just by going to their website you’ll find out things like what time they want you to check in or if they want you already stretched and good to go.

  1. Get there early

Once you get there early you can do your own thing to get in your “beast mode”. Stretch, listen to your favorite music, and mingle! From checking in all you now have to worry about is preparing.

DanceWear Corner got to speak to current cruise line and character performers and ask them their input on how to nail a cruise or theme park audition!

“I auditioned to be a character performer where you only have to have basic movement skills and previous animation skills. However, I know how cruise and theme park dance auditions work! First main tip I would give is to be well trained. You should always be taking class, no matter where you are in your career, and take different styles! Having the right tools going into an audition is very important. If you’re serious about a dance career you need a professional head shot and an adequate resume – this can include past experiences (gigs or jobs pertaining to dance), where you’ve trained (name drop!), and other special skills you have. Keep it simple, easy to read, and one page. And lastly the right image. Tailor your look to what you are auditioning for. How you present yourself  is very important in this industry. Body physique for males, but more importantly for females, is heavily taken into account in most auditions. The audition notice will even specify who and what they are looking for.

Overall only you will know when you are ready to obtain a professional dance job. Continue to audition and if you aren’t landing any jobs work on yourself! Find what it is you could improve before going to the next audition.”

-Jordan Chin, Performer for Royal Caribbean Cruises



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