A Classical Ballet is a stunning performance of graceful movements set to the moving sounds of a orchestra. It is known for its aesthetics and precise technique. These ballets tell unforgettable stories that take the audience through a range of emotions. If you are a dancer who enjoys the Ballet, the list of the following are not ones to miss. All Ballets are different but what they do have in common is that they all have dancers dancing en pointe and to classical music. The choreography in each also has similarities as all classical ballets stay true to the basic structure of the originals.

1) Cinderella.

This ballet resembles the story most already know of the kind young girl who overcomes tough situations and finds love with a prince.


2) Giselle

This romantic ballet is about the poorly girl, Giselle who uses her love to save the love of her life from a group of supernatural women who dance men to their death, The Willis.


3) The Nutcracker

This Ballet is a family fun holiday treat! The story is of a young girls who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince and a battle against a 7-headed Mouse King.


4) Romeo and Juliet

Many know Shakespeare’s tragic young love tale, Romeo and Juliet but the Ballet brings the story a new element of beauty.

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5) Coppelia

This ballet includes a love triangle between Franz, his fiance Swanhilda and the girl he loves, Coppelia. It is a charming and funny ballet that includes ballet mime.