Dance is all about expression and with the largest selections of Capezio, So Danca, Ballet Rosa, Bloch, Eurotard, Gaynor Minden, Suffolk, Bullet Pointe, Bodywrappers, Motionwear, and many other dancewear brands, you will be sure to find something to match every vibe you have.  

One of the best things about DanceWear Corner is that we strive to offer collections and leotards to match every look you feel like having because we have hand selected the best collections that these brands have to offer. 

Classic Styles

Every dancer needs a classic black leotard, but that does not mean that these leotards have to be boring. Many of the brands that we carry have collections that feature black leotards. However, if you are looking for a leotard that shows off your lines in the most classic way possible. Brands like Ballet Rosa, Suffolk, Lulli, Eurotard, and Capezio are just a few that have created beautiful leotards in classic designs like the ever favorite turtleneck leotard.  

Edgy Styles

It’s nice to look and feel like a princess, but every once in a while dancers need to show off their edgy side. Brands like Honey Cut  specialize in creating beautiful cut outs. So Danca’s new collection with Sara Mearns is a beautiful example of mixing edgy with a classic style. The trademark of these brands is that they also have beautifully eye catching bra tops, shorts, and leggings.

Romantic Styles

If the edgy style is not for you, but you want something a little more fun than the classic styles. You may like a lacy or soft mesh style of leotards. One of the best examples of this style are Body Wrappers collection with Tiler Peck and Ballet Rosa. This collection is full of outfits that are made with soft lace that give the dancer a romantic feeling.  

Street Styles

Every dancer knows that any leotard, bra tops, or leggings can be considered street style, mostly because they are always running back and forth between the studio, the store, home, and other errands. The fact of the matter is that paring a fashion leotard or bra top with jeans looks great, so why change clothes to go everywhere you need to go before or after the studio. Have the freedom to get creative and click here to shop for some of the best leotards for experimenting with turning your leotards into street style. 


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