Ballet in the City is an organization that fills a very unique need for ballet dancers and their families. Unlike most dance related organizations Ballet in the City is not a school. So how do they work?

Well, they work by extensively planning a whirlwind of events comprised of performances and master classes that all work together in developing relationships with celebrity ballet professionals and young dancers. This structure allows Ballet in the City to educate and expose people to the world of ballet in a very powerful way. This non-profit organization has already developed a loyal base of patrons and is excited to continue to grow. The mission of Ballet in the City is to present professional ballet performances, educational opportunities, and events in cities around the nation, promoting and enhancing the culture of ballet, unique to each location.

This exposure is critical for the younger generations as their experiences can shape their learning and give them something to work towards later in their career. By providing dancers and families with readily available information when it comes to dancing, Ballet in the City is encouraging the next generation of professional dancers to come to the stage.


With a public school educator background and a history of ballet Jessica Wallis, Ballet in the City founder and executive director, found the perfect formula to bring these two worlds together. At the time she was living in northeast Ohio where there were no big resident ballet companies. However, she would still make time to go see the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre or go to New York to see the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. These big dancers from the big companies were what had always inspired her and she knew that there must have been other people from Ohio who love these companies and these dancers as well and she saw no reason why they couldn’t enjoy the experience and exposure that comes with seeing them.  

This is where the idea for Ballet in the City came from and in the first year of the organization they presented only master classes. She saw that after these classes people were inspired and that she had a platform that provided personal connections between students, parents, and dancers. Now the organization collaborates with dancers to present performances while keeping the personal component that makes the company so unique.

Scholarship Opportunities

Ballet in the City offers two different scholarship opportunities for both males and females. These scholarships are awarded holistically, to dancers not only with talent but with character. So that the awarding of the scholarship is not entirely about technique, but also about who those dancers are as people.

To check out these scholarship opportunities along with other programs click here.

For more information about upcoming events and to learn more about Ballet in the City click here.


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