Dancers: the leaders of the makeup industry.  Well, maybe not exactly. But from performances to recitals and competitions, dancers (shout out to dance moms too!) have become self-taught beauty experts. In the ever spinning dance world, there are bound to be some beauty tips we still haven’t discovered! Check out some of our favorites!

1. Find yourself in a never ending battle between your makeup and an oily T-zone? Revlon Global Artist Gucci Westman uses a small amount of deodorant to matte out oily areas.   Another makeup community favorite is using toilet seat covers. Odd, yes, but the material works just like the blotting sheets you buy at stores!

2. Clumpy is never a good description for lashes.  If your tube of mascara is getting a little dry go ahead and add about 4 eye drops to make it ready to use! Water is a definite no-go, causing the formula to smudge and flake.

3. Tragedy has struck after you dropped your favorite eye shadow or blush! No fear, rubbing alcohol is here! Add a bit of rubbing alcohol to the cracked pigment and press down with a q-tip. Let it sit until it dries and voila! You just saved yourself from heartache and about $30 (maybe more!)

4. On-the-go dancers have basically zero room in their dance bags (shoes, tutus, leotards, oh my!) Use drinking straws to store soap, sunscreen, moisturizer or anything else you may need while saving a ton of space. Place the product in the straw, seal the ends with a heat sealer, and you’re on your way!

5. Olive oil is an amazing makeup remover! It works just as well, and is less harsh then store bought formulas.

6. Your eye makeup is on point and you’re ready to put on mascara, probably the scariest part of your makeup.  To prevent a mascara mishap, use a business card to block the mascara from hitting your eyelid and the skin underneath your eyes.

7. Perfectly painted pouts can last all night with these small tricks! Before applying lipstick, exfoliate lips with a small toothbrush.  Next apply your first layer of lipstick, powder it over with translucent powder, and reapply a second layer.  This will keep your pigment in place!

8. Scotch tape is your tool for a fierce cat eye! Just use a piece of tape to help guide your eye shadow and liner for a sharp look.

9. Fuller lashes can be achieved with a blow dryer and a bit of baby powder. Heat up your lash curler with a blow dryer for a lifted curl. After applying your first layer of mascara, dust some powder with a q-tip, and apply a second coat.

10. Lost your concealer in your black hole makeup bag? Ricky Wilson from Dior Beauty likes to mix foundation with powder to thicken the consistency and use it as a backup.


Have any tricks of the trade? Share some with us!





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