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Most dancers across the country are about halfway through their summer dance programs, and today we follow up with our summer intensive correspondent, Angelina Broad.  Angelina is a student at Orlando Ballet School and is currently at the Houston Ballet Academy Summer Intensive. We caught up with Angelina to hear all about how her summer at Houston Ballet Academy is going.



DanceWear Corner:  How are you enjoying your time at Houston Ballet Academy this summer?

Angelina Broad: I am loving it so much!!  At first it was hard to adjust because I felt very challenged and overwhelmed, but now every morning when I get up I can’t wait to head into those beautiful studios with such inspiring people and work hard all day!!

DWC: You mentioned when we last spoke that you were looking forward to focusing on the small details of your dancing while in Houston. Do you feel like you have been able to do that so far?

AB:  Yes I definitely feel I have been able to.  Sometimes the classes get difficult and hard to keep up with, but you just have to remember your foundation and build from there because we are all here to improve. While the teachers seem to really reinforce the technique aspect, there is also certainly a focus on the artistic side.  They explain how articulating and using the details of your body and movement, can say so much and tell a story.

DWC:  What has surprised you the most about what you are learning in Houston?

AB:  What has surprised me the most is all the opportunities they give us. There are 6 performances at the end of the summer and we are doing Stanton Welch’s “Waltz of the Flowers.” I am also choreographing a piece for AFA which is a collaborative program with Houston Ballet and student composers. I have had so much fun during the choreography process and have learned so much! I have learned how to choreograph on other people and how to play the role as the teacher because I have to run the rehearsals. We got to design our costumes and lighting.  It’s just so fun to be able to experience this and to feel the role of being a choreographer/teacher has made me grow so much in so many ways.

DWC:  Have you gone on any particularly fun excursions while visiting the city?

AB:  Yes, I have gone on plenty of fun excursions already. I went to The Galleria which is such an amazing mall here and I will be going again this weekend because there just wasn’t enough time the first time! I went to Splashtown for the 4th of July holiday, which was super fun because it was my first water park and I was finally able to get some time in the sun. We have also been on plenty little mini activities during the week such as the pool, chocolate bar, water wall, movies, and new grocery stores I have never heard of.

DWC:   What has been your favorite piece of DWC dance wear that you have been flaunting over the past few weeks?

AB:  Well, I have been wearing my leotards from DWC all the time since I am mostly in dance clothes all day. Other than that, I really like wearing my DWC t-shirt as well, because I can wear it with anything.  I just got a surprise package from DWC today with a new shirt they sent me and I absolutely love it!


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