Every dancer knows that a great fitting leotard can make all the difference when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident on the dance floor. This is why we, here at DanceWear Corner, pride ourselves with the vast selection that we provide online and in our store.

Basic Leotards

Many studios require a basic black leotard to be worn in class. Depending on the studio these leotards can have a thin (cami) strap or a thick (tank) strap style. Some studios require different basic colored leotard for different class levels. This is why it is so important to check with your studio to see what color leotards you need to get because some studios allow more flashy leotards. So click here to shop some of our favorite basic leotards.

Fashion Leotards

Not all studios or classes require their dancers to wear a basic style or basic colored leotard. This is why we here at DanceWear Corner has a wide selection of both basic styled leotards and fashion leotards. We stock different fashion collections from Tiler Peck’s BodyWrappers collection and Sara Mearns SoDanca collection along with other fun brands. Click here to shop these fun collections.   


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