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Summer intensives are such an exciting, beneficial, and fun part of a dancer ’s growth and development. During these summer intensives, you have the opportunity to meet a lot of other students that share your love of dance, you get to work with master teachers and depending on where you go you can learn to be a little bit more independent. Overall, summer intensive is a great experience for dancers of all ages. However, it is important to make sure that you make the most out of your time at your Summer Intensives so here is a list of things that you can do to ensure that you can make the most out of your summer intensive.

1 Do Your Research

This first tip should happen before you even step foot in the studio of your summer intensive. It is important to make sure that you, as a dancer, tries to pick a Summer Intensive that will offer you the most out of your summer training. This could mean something different for each dancer, so you really have to think about what summer intensive will be best for you. If you are an advanced dancer who is looking to take steps toward becoming a professional dancer, you might want to look into summer intensives at schools that are associated with a professional company.

2 Embrace each class even if it is outside of your comfort zone

No one can ever get better if they don’t push themselves out of their comfort zones. It is also important to challenge yourself and what better way of challenging yourself then by taking classes that teach you how to move your body in a different way. Even if you are the biggest bunhead in your studio, taking a jazz class will allow you to become a more well-rounded dancer. The same can be said for any dancer trying a new dance form. If the movements feel a little foreign and uncomfortable, just take a deep breath and try again. The ability to adapt and have an open mind is essential when working with new choreographers and teachers especially if you go on to work professionally.  

3 Remember To Listen To Your Body

Summer Intensives are far more demanding than your typical dance schedule and thus they require you to take stock of your overall physical state. The days can be long, sometimes over eight hours so it is important to take time to listen to your body. It is also important to stay hydrated and eat well, this will help your fuel your body to be able to perform at your best. Also after class make sure you are stretching and relaxing and at the first sign of an injury let your teacher know they will be able to help you.

4 Make A Goal for Yourself

Now that you have completed your goal of going to a summer intensive it is important to also make yourself more goals to stay motivated while you are there. This will help you stay focused. A good goal to have is to get a critique of at least one of the teachers that you are working with. Getting a critique shows that the teacher recognizes your potential and wants you to get better.

5 Record Everything

Summer Intensives are all about soaking up as many details as possible. So keep a notebook, a pen or a note app on your phone so you can take notes after class. Write down things like corrections or combinations. You may also be able to videotape combinations and choreography to help you practice. Just make sure that you talk with the choreographer before you post on social media and make sure you give correct credit.  

6 Be Confident

Being in a new environment can be a little intimidating. Especially when you feel like you are surrounded by amazing dancers your age. So it can be scary when you make a mistake, but everyone makes mistakes what is more important is how you recover and your attitude. Take all corrections that you hear not only the ones directed to you, but also the ones directed to the class. Use these corrections as an opportunity to show how well you take corrections and your ability to grow as a dancer.  

7 Make Friends With Everyone!

More than anything Summer Intensives are about making connections. Smile, make eye contac, and say “Hello” when you introduce yourself. Be a positive voice in your classes and make others feel welcomed. Summer Intensives can create friends that can last a lifetime because you are surrounded by people who share your love of dance.

8 Embrace Every Moment

From the experience of living away from home to learning a new style of dance, you have to embrace every moment in order to make the most out of your Summer intensive experience. Embracing every opportunity that is presented to you and you will be sure to get the most out of your summer intensive.

Summer Intensives are a wonderful place to honen a young dancers skills. So be bold, reach to your highest limits and make friends.


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