With Valentine’s Day right around the corner… love is in the air. And what better way to celebrate the day of love than to talk about all the reasons we love dance and everything that dance has brought us.

1 Dedication

Every dancer knows that dancing is hard work, no matter the style. Yet, the one thing that every dance style has in common is that they teach dancers to never give up. A combination or routine may be difficult to grasp, but each class and practice helps to improve the dancer’s skills and every time a dancer falls down they get back up. On top of this, dancers don’t have an “off-season” so dancers need to be completely devoted to making that time commitment.   

2 Escape

Dance is a great escape from the world. It teaches you to channel your emotions, whether they be good or bad, in order to create beautiful moving artwork. The more emotion behind a combination the better the combination turns out. When you are dancing it is like the whole world melts away. Stress and frustration that you face during the day turn into power on the stage and in class. It also increases your confidence level and makes you feel free and happy again.  

3 Team Work

In recitals or competitions, teamwork is of the utmost importance. The number will not go well unless everyone contributes the same amount of effort as everyone else. Every dancer in a team has to think about others instead of just themselves in order for the number to run smoothly. Dance teaches you the importance of working in a team and cooperation.   

4 Perseverance

Dancing is hard work and at sometimes it may seem easier to just give up. But, through every up and down that a dancer may go through in class or on stage, dancing teaches you how to push through the hard times. A combination or trick may seem impossible to get just right, but time after time, failure after failure, dancers still push on until they get it right. This kind of perseverance can only be cultivated by a lifetime of dance.  

5 Friendship

The best part about going to dance class each day is the seeing friends we make there. With how many hours dancers spend in the studio they end up seeing their dance friends more than they see their family sometimes. These friends end up becoming part of your dance family.

Let us know some of the things that dance has taught you.


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