In the dance world, there are some things that are commonly known and understood about dance courtesy. Today, we are breaking down some dancer etiquette that every young dancer should know before hitting the dance floor.

1 Come Prepared

The first piece of etiquette that every dancer needs to know is to make sure that you are coming to class prepared. This includes wearing the appropriate leotard, shoes, and hairstyles. So make sure to leave dangling or sharp-edged jewelry at home or in your bag. This will help save time in the studio and allow you get into the right mind frame to start class.  

2 Keep Street Shoes Off The Floor

Each dance class requires a different shoe and these shoes are not to be worn outside on the street and street shoes are not to be worn in the studio. The floor of the studio is made out of marley, a material that is delicate and needs to be taken care of, this is why proper studio etiquette is to either go barefoot or always wear your dance shoes on the floor. Before stepping onto the dance floor with tap shoes it is a good idea to also check your shoes for loose screws.

3 Be Respectful

One thing that every dancer should be aware of is how to respect everyone in the studio, from dance teachers to other students. This means that dancers should not chew gum in the dance space. It is rude to those around you, but can also be dangerous to you while you are dancing. You don’t want to choke on the gum while you are dancing. You should also keep food and drinks off the dance floor. The only drink that would be acceptable to have in the dance space would be a bottle of water, but only if the teacher says that it is alright.

Try your best to never arrive late, but if it cannot be avoided then make sure to enter the classroom as quietly as you can. Also don’t leave class early, but if it is unavoidable then make sure to talk with the teacher first. If your exit is an emergency then leave as quickly and discreetly as possible. Remember to always turn off and put away your cell phones so that it will not disrupt the class. The most important thing to remember is to always respect others in the studio and to respect the dance space by picking up after yourself to keep the studio neat and clean.

4 Pay Attention

Dancers come to class to learn so make sure that you are paying attention to what the teacher has to say. This means that you refrain from talking while the teacher is taking. This way you can be attentive at all times during class. It will help the class move along quicker if everyone is paying attention and listening to everything the teacher has to say before asking questions.

5 Try Your Best

Most importantly approach your dance class with a positive attitude. This will help you and everyone else in your class learn more quickly and stay on topic. Some dance classes can be harder to grasp than others so mistakes are inevitable. Don’t let your frustration about your mistakes make you leave class early in frustration. Try to stick in there and try your best. No one will fault you for your mistakes and you will know your limits so that you can push past them. It will make you a better dancer in the long run.


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