This time of year is the perfect time to look back on everything you were thankful for. Don’t forget how important it is to remember to be grateful for all the little things. That is why we have put together a little list of everything that a dancer is thankful for.

1 Food After A Long Rehearsal

Nothing is better than digging into a meal after a long rehearsal. You worked hard and you deserve it.

2 When Your Teacher Says The Magic Words “Take Five”.

Any break in a class or rehearsal is something to be thankful for.

3 Getting New Pointe Shoes

New pointe shoes never fail to put a smile on a dancer’s face.


4 Finally Getting That Difficult Choreography Into Your Muscle Memory.

You know when you spend hours re-running the same choreography over and over again and just can’t get it in until finally everything clicks and it feels so good.

5 Nailing That Turn In Front Of Your Teacher.  

Teachers always seem to watch you when you fall out of a turn. So when they finally see you land that turn it feels great!  

6 Hearing The Words “Let’s Just Mark It This Time.”

Especially when you are completely physically drained.

7 Dance Friends

Having people you can cry or laugh with is always something to be grateful for and the friends you make in dance are the best friends. You can also always count on them to help relieve boredom between rehearsals.  

8 Crawling Into Bed after A Long Day Of Dancing.

After a long day of dancing, nothing feels better than getting into your bed and resting.

9 Finding Bobby Pins When You Thought You Were Out.

Bobby Pins have a habit of disappearing when you need them the most. So when you find a hidden stock pal of them it feels like you hit the jackpot.  

10 Wonderful Dance Teachers

And last but not least every dancer is thankful for their teachers that make going to class worth it.

What are some other things that you are grateful for this year?  let us know on Instagram @Dancewearcorner.

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