What Great Dancers Do- Part 1

What Great Dancers Do- Part 1

Everyone wants to be an amazing dancer but it’s not easy. There’s no magic pill that you can take that will make you a phenomenal dancer over night, it takes years of hard work and dedication. Here are some things that set apart good dancers and great dancers.


Workout Regularly

Dancers are athletes we are pushing ourselves just like any other person who plays football or soccer. Our body is our tool and we need to take care of it. You should be doing exercises to strengthen your body at least 4 times a week. Try doing crunches for your abs and squats for your glutes.

Overcome Excuses

“I had a bad day”, “I’m stressed out from school”, “I wasn’t here last week”. All these excuses are going to hold you back from improving in dance. Don’t think of excuses just try your best every class or practice and think about the reasons you love dance!!

Work on Hard Moves

It’s easy for us to only work on moves that we feel comfortable with. Make sure you are practicing moves that challenge you. You will never improve if you don’t push yourself.


Use the Mirror

A lot of dance studios pay thousands of dollars to install big mirrors for you to use during classes and rehearsals. Make sure you are using these mirrors to actually watch yourself dance and not just check out our hair and make-up. Look at yourself doing a new move and compare it to your peers that look good doing it!!

Record Yourself

Another thing that good dancers do is record themselves doing new moves or routines. You can playback the recording and watch where you need to improve. You can also look at timing in group routines and your technique on new or hard moves.

Work with Instructors That Push You

Something that really makes great dancers stand out is that they are always changing to better themselves. Just because you have been at a studio since you were 3 doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you. If you want to be a truly great dancer you need to be with an instructor that is going to challenge you. Also great dancers are always going to conventions and master classes and learning from teachers and choreographers from all over the world.


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