Ten Great Gift Ideas for Your Dancer

So you have a dancer and the season of gifting is approaching… and you have absolutely no idea what to get them do you?  

Well here is a list of 10 gifts that every dancer will love to see under the tree this holiday season.


1 SoDanca’s Pointe Shoe Covers

These cute pointe shoes covers come in so many different colors and designs that your dancer will be sure to love. They work to help keep the pointe shoe in good condition when warming up or backstage, but really they are just the coolest gift to give your dancer.

2 New Shoes

This one may sound weird, but trust me every dancer wears their shoes way past dead without telling anyone until their toes are literally popping out of the top. Trust me  I’ve seen it happen. New shoes are sure to be a great hit and if they are ready for pointe shoes a surprise trip to Dancewear Corner for a fitting might be a good idea.

3 Gaynor Minden Flexibility Band

This is a must for any dancer wanting to increase their flexibility. I mean what dancer isn’t wanting to increase their flexibility, am I right? This can be used on the floor to get that perfect straddle split or while standing to perfect that needle split.

4 New Dancewear

You can never go wrong with new dancewear. Whether your dancer loves leotards or bra tops and shorts they have probably worn the same items of clothing for multiple dance classes in a row. So some new clothes aren’t a want… they’re a necessity.


5 I- Flex Jr.

This is similar to the Gaynor Minden Flexibility band, except that it attaches to a closed door and works using a pulley system. However, this can only be used while standing or on a chair, but it allows that dance to control the leg that is being stretched a little better than the Gaynor Minden Flexibility band. 

6 Make Up

Every dancer needs makeup for the stage and to just play around with. So a little pallet would make for a get stocking stuffer no matter the age of the dancer.

7 The Hairpin Pal

This one is a no-brainer. There is one thing that every dancer needs and can never have enough of and that is bobby pins. Ask any dancer and they will tell you that as soon as they open a pack of bobby pins in two seconds they will have three left.

You don’t know where the bobby pins disappeared to, but you do know that you need to get more before the next class. Enter the Hairpin pal, this keeps all the bobby pins together in one place because it’s magnetic and not to mention it comes in two beautiful colors.    



8 Water bottle

What dancer doesn’t need a water bottle to get them through dance class? Plus there are so many cute dance-themed water bottles that they are sure to love. With that in mind, a plain one just won’t do.


9 Dance Accessories

Now I know what you are thinking “dance accessories is a pretty broad topic” and your right, but there are two dance accessories that would make a great gift to any dancer and they are the Dance Apothecary Set and the Dancers problem kit. These two products are great for the dancer to use after class for recovery. So it may seem weird but after your dance uses it they will love it and the dance apothecary set smells amazing.

10 DancersHaul Subscription

You can’t go wrong with this last gift idea. Getting your dancer a subscription to DancersHaul takes all the stress off your shoulders. You just put in your dancers’ style and sizes then sit back and wait for it to come to your house. There are different subscription boxes you can get so click here to check it out.




I hope this list of gift ideas helped you think about what to get your dancer. Click here to start shopping for the perfect gift and make sure to tag @DanceWearCorner with pictures on Christmas if it did.

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