DWC goes back to class!

A look back on August and September and our back to school photography ads featuring Bloch Dancewear and our DWC Model and Ambassadors.

And yes, they are actually on the school bus and there was no photoshop! These models were troopers that day! it was over 100 degrees in Orlando and school buses don’t have air! They truly deserve a round of applause!


collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0107 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0106 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0105 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0104 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0103 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0102 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0101 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0100 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0099 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0098 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0097

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