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What To Wear To An Audition

Much like when we talked about what to wear for a convention. It is important to feel confident in whatever you choose to wear.  However, that being said it is also important to adhere to the auditions dress code. If it is clearly stated that dancers must wear black leotards and pink tights that means that you should show up wearing a black leotard and pink tights, not a purple leotard and black tights or a bra top and legging.

Wear Something You Love

Even if the audition calls for a plain black leotard, wear the one that makes you the happiest in. This will shine through in your performance and help you exude confidence even if you are nerves. If the casting call does not give a specific dress code still opt for something that you love and have worn before. You may have loved the cut out on that leotard in the store, but before you head to an audition make sure they look and feel good while you dance.



Color Is Great But Keep It Consistent

Some colors just look better on some people. If you look best in teal, or burgundy, or sky blue, wear that color. What you don’t want to do is show up in all three. You want to be known as the dancer in the burgundy leotard not the dancer in the burgundy leotard and odd teal and sky blue skirt. Pick one color that you love on yourself and stick with that color.


Become The Character

Keep in mind what role you are auditioning for and stay in that character throughout the audition. If you want to be Clara for the Nutcracker get into character with a white leotard and flowy skirt. If you are auditioning to be Anita in West Side Story get sassy with some heels a red leotard and full skirt. You will have no chance of landing these roles if you dress to blend in.


Finish The Look

Whether you are at a Ballet audition or one for theater it is important to look polished and be prepared. In Ballet auditions it is especially important to have your hair neatly pulled back and hairspray into a bun. There should be no wild wisps of hair sticking out. Even in other auditions make sure your appearance is tidy. You don’t want to hit anyone with a runaway bracelet.


Don’t Forget The Shoes… Unless You’re Auditioning For Cinderella

But not even then. Bring every pair of shoes you can think of. You never know what a casting agent will ask you to do and you need to be prepared for everything. This means that you should pack ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoe, heels, character shoes, bring it all. Then double check to make sure that you have everything.


The most important thing to wear for an audition is a good attitude. For more advice check out Kathryn Morgan’s video Audition Advice for Dancers.


6 Dance Hacks that Actually Work

dance hacks that work

This week we bring in guest blogger, Kathryn Morgan.  She brings you 6 dance hacks that work, tried and tested.


Kathryn, a former New York Ballet soloist, currently performs, teaches, and speaks around the country, runs two highly successful YouTube channels, her podcast “The Kathryn Morgan Show”, writes a column for “Dance Spirit Magazine”, and continues to work on many other exciting projects. Kathryn is currently on faculty at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas.


We’re also pleased to offer the Kathryn Morgan Scholarship by DanceWear Corner. Click here for more details. Deadline to enter is October 27th.


Kathryn talks about dance hacks that work… yes, actually work!  These are easy tips and tricks for using hairspray to fix holes in tights, heal blisters fast, how to use bobby pins the right way, easily pinch a leotard, do easy winged eyeliner, rosin your pointe shoes to keep the heels on, and bonus – 2 easy ballet hairstyles.


Kathryn’s post originally appeared here.

Five Dance Summer Program Must-Haves

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Dancers spend their whole year anticipating Dance Summer Programs: the auditions, the excitement, the new friends. But have you started your packing list? Here are five must-haves that you will want to make sure you have in your dance bag:

 1.  Notebook

Though cell-phones these days can accommodate our random thoughts at any moment, you should still consider bringing a good old-fashioned note pad with you. You are about to embark on a journey that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you want to make sure that you get the most out of it. Information is about to be thrown at you left and right, and it is your responsibility to soak it all up and put your new knowledge to work.

Research shows that one of the best way to remember new information, is by the action of writing it down on paper.  By bringing a notebook to the studios, you can quickly jot down corrections or choreography whenever you have a free moment. This way, all the information is available for you to refer back to the next day, or even over the next year. You are getting the opportunity to learn from very special people, and who knows, someday you may even have the opportunity to pass that knowledge on to the next generation.


Five Summer Programs Must-Haves, summer program, summer intensives, dance camp, dance program, dance summer program, dancer, dancing, ballerina, ballet dancer, dancewear corner, dancewear, dance wear, leotards, ballet tights, pointe shoes, ballet bag, dance bag, dance student, ballet student 2.   Your Favorite Leotards

This may seem like an obvious one, but you know the saying, “Dress for success”? Why wouldn’t this apply to ballet as well? When you feel good in class, your confidence is higher, you are able to work harder, and you are able to focus on what really matters, instead of how you feel. So, throw that hair in a nice tight bun and flaunt your favorite color.  We can help you find exactly what you need, or we could even send you a new leotard every month!

3.  An Open Mind

You choose this summer intensive in order to try something different: something challenging. In order to take full advantage of your new environment, be open-minded! The teachers and students have so much to offer you, so embrace it. If you don’t like the style, or the corrections, you can pick and choose what you want to take with you down the road. But for now, remember that every lesson allows you an opportunity to understand ballet and dance a little better.


4.  Your Work Ethic

That work ethic that brought you to this point, don’t forget to pack it and let your teachers see it. Contrary to what you may think, teachers in these programs aren’t drawn to the most talented dancer in the room, they are often drawn to those who prove potential by willing to work for it. You can do quadruple pirouettes for days, but if you don’t work hard to perfect the weaknesses in your technique, a teacher can only help so much.

Teachers love when they can see students applying corrections. It illustrates that a dancer respects them and wants to learn from them. This is where your notebook comes into play. With the help of that visual aid, you will be able to remember corrections from day to day, and be able to put them to work for your body.

5.  Confidence

You are about to meet a lot of new people, who are likely good dancers. But remember, you got into this summer course too! They picked you! The school saw something in you that they want to nourish and expand on. You are walking into the studio on a level playing field. You are all there for the same reason; each as deserving of this opportunity. Embrace the dancers around you; you may never know, they could become life long friends.

With these five things in your suitcase, you’re so ready to conquer your SI!

Where are you going this summer? What are you most looking forward to? Do you have any questions about what to expect? Leave a comment below and our new blog editor, Rebecca King Ferraro, dancer with Miami City Ballet, will answer all of your questions!

Fashion Feature: New Tiler Peck Designs are at DWC!

New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, Tiler Peck, has designed her own line of fashionable and functional leotards. In her words, “I think a leotard should be fun, flattering and functional.” Spending most of her days in a leotard, she knows what works.


Shop DanceWear Corners full line of Tiler Peck Body Wrappers Designs here.


More about Tiler Peck:

Tiler Peck was born in Bakersfield, California. She began her dance training at the age of seven, studying privately with former Bolshoi Ballet principal dancer Alla Khaniashvili in Hollywood. At the age of 11 she began studying at Conjunctive Point in Culver City, California, with former New York City Ballet dancers Colleen and Patricia Neary. During this time she also studied with former NYCB principal Yvonne Mounsey at Westside School of Ballet in Santa Monica. At the age of 12, Ms. Peck entered the School of American Ballet, the official school of New York City Ballet, for most of the 2000-2001 Winter Term. She returned to SAB during the summers of 2002 and 2003, and that fall began as a full-time student. In September 2004, Ms. Peck became an apprentice with New York City Ballet. In February 2005 she joined the Company as a member of the corps de ballet. She was promoted to soloist in December 2006 and principal dancer in October 2009. (source: NYC Ballet)

Photo courtesy of Tiler Peck

Photo courtesy of Tiler Peck

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