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Spotlight Dancer: Hannah Knight

Hannah Knight, 14, currently dances at Blackwood Studios

Favorite style of dance?

I can’t choose!

What type of music do you like?


Any favorite Broadway shows?

Lion King

Go to snack?

Hand me a snack & I’ll eat it!

Dance crush?

Nick Gonzalas

Favorite dance movie of all time?

High School Musical



Who would you like to work with one day in the dance world?

Maddie Ziegler

Spotlight Dancer: Cassandra Ebert

Cassandra Ebert, 12, dances at Ultimate Dance Florida

Favorite type of dance?

Contemporary/ Modern

What kind of music do you listen to?

Trap, JT, and whatever is on the radio

Any favorite Broadway shows?

Annie or Cats

Dance goal?

To go to Joffrey Ballet in NYC

Go to snack?

trail mix without chocolate

Dance crush?

Rudy Abreu and Paul from SYTYCD

Favorite dance movie of all time?

The Step Up series!


Special effects make up application

Who would you like to one day work with?


Photo Credit: Collette Mruk Photography 

Spotlight Dancer: Allie Hitchcock

15-year-old Allie Hitchcock dances at Titusville Ballet and Jazz Center

Favorite style of dance?

Hip Hop and Contemporary

Who are some of your favorite singers?

Beyoncé and Sam Smith

Favorite Broadway Show?

Broadway Star or So You Think You Can Dance

Favorite Snack


Dance Crush?

Meghan Sanett and Wildabeast

Favorite dance movie of all time?

Dirty Dancing and Step Up series

Hobbies outside of dance?

Riding rollercoasters!

Who would you like to work with most in the dance world?


Photography Credit: Collette Mruk Photography


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