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The Dancer Athlete Method

                                          The “CORE” of Dancing

When you think of your core, what comes to mind? What if I told you it was so much more than just your abs? Our core makes up everything beneath the surface of what we see. They are all the small muscles that stabilize our bodies and help us control the most intricate of movements. In fact, our core is the foundation for all limb movement and makes up the muscles of our torso and pelvis. The muscles of our core are responsible for transferring power from one part of our body to another during movement. Imagine moving and feeling as if you had no control of your body. Imagine not being able to feel your muscles pulling you into, or out of a position. Without a core, none of this would be possible. The art and sport of dance relies upon your core to move you. Continue Reading

Dance Fitness Fun!

Are you trying to find a workout that makes the gym a little less miserable? Here are some dance based workouts that will help those dreary workout days!  Continue Reading

At Home Ballet Barre Workouts

Ballet barres workouts are becoming more and more popular and for a good reason- they work! These workouts can target all areas of the body while improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion. Since professional classes at dance studios don’t mix well with busy schedules, we have compiled great examples of ‘at home’ ballet barre workouts you can do just about anywhere, anytime with just a chair!

Continue Reading

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