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Photoshoot with Norelle

We teamed up with Norelle from @imagesbynorelle to host a model search and on October 19th all of the girls came to Florida for the photoshoot. This is what they had to say.


Where were you when you found out that you were selected for this model search?

I was in school when my mom found out. As soon as I got off the bus she showed me the post.

What were you doing?

I was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet everyone at Dancewear Corner! I was also so excited to see Ms. Norelle again! We ran home and immediately started planning our trip to Orlando!

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

My whole experience was amazing!! As soon as I arrived, the entire DWC staff treated me like family— actually gave me the royal treatment! The first task was to shop for the photoshoot… Ummm yes!!! It was a bit more difficult than expected since DWC has absolutely everything a dancer wants and needs! I also got to meet Alana for the first time and see Ms. Norelle!

Once we were fit for our outfits, we started shooting right in the store. It was so comforting that the entire staff was so fun! I was already having a blast! After a few shots, we drove to a park for the rest of the shoot! Alana and I got to start while we waited for Ayla to arrive. We climbed trees, rolled in the grass.. you know, the usual.

Once Ayla arrived, we did some really fun group shots. It didn’t take long for Alana, Ayla and I to feel like we’ve known each other forever. I think Ms. Norelle had troubleshooting when we kept making her laugh! I loved every moment with the girls and everyone at DWC! This was such an amazing experience that I’ll remember forever! I wish I had more time with everyone. I’m now set for convention season with lots of new dancewear!

Thank you DWC and Ms. Norelle!  I’m so grateful to officially be a part of the DWC family! Love you all!


Where were you when you found out that you were selected for this model search?

I was on my way to dance class.

What were you doing?

I was in the car riding.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

I was so excited! Then, the morning of the shoot, we received a message that our flight was delayed for THREE HOURS. There weren’t any flights that would land much earlier to make it worth switching. I was so sad and thought we couldn’t go anymore. 🙁

Miss Norelle told us to come anyway and let her know when we landed. We were 2 hours late for the shoot but we made it! I’m so glad because I had so much fun. The other girls were so nice and we all got along really well. I love the outfits I got to wear and miss Norelle was SO nice! Everyone was so helpful and understanding about our flight issues and made me feel like I didn’t miss anything at all. I’m so happy to represent your store and so grateful you chose me. Thank you!


Where were you when you found out that you were selected for this model search?

My mom came home from work and immediately told me I’d been chosen. I was so surprised and excited!

What were you doing?

When she came home I was in my room getting ready for dance class. She walked in the door, called for me and told me I was chosen.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

I had so much fun the day of the shoot and we were treated like celebrities. Everyone was so nice to me and I really liked hanging out with the other girls. When I found out I could choose any 2 outfits in the store I was a little overwhelmed because there was so much to choose from! Ms. Norelle was very nice and patient and helped us get the perfect pictures. I was sad when the night was over because everything was just so perfect! Now I can’t wait to see all the pictures and go back to DWC to do some shopping!



Premier Dance Network: ReDiscovering the Dream.

Premier Dance is the only podcast that is one hundred percent dedicated to the world of dance. This growing network of shows provides the listener with a “one-stop shop” of online resources for all topics related to dance. Premier Dance Network programming ranges from real stories of young dancers just starting out, all the way to the fascinating lives of the top professional dancers in the world. Today we are going to be shining a light on their show ReDiscovering the Dream.

ReDiscovering the Dream

Meet Lauren Fadeley Veyette former PAballet principal dancer, as she embarks on a new and exciting journey as a soloist with Miami City Ballet. In this podcast, Lauren discusses her transition into a new company and all the aspects that go into “rediscovering the dream” and what it means to be a professional ballet dancer.

Lauren shares with everyone her personal journey in dance. She talks about everything from dancing in her hometown in Florida, living in NYC as a year-round student at School of American Ballet and then becoming a company member at 16 years old at the New York City Ballet. You will hear how Lauren left NYCB to attend college and then take a job with Pennsylvania Ballet. She also shares more about her current journey back to Florida Miami City Ballet as well as her personal thoughts on how it feels to be somewhat displaced from a Company she been with for over 9 years.

This podcast gives you the inside look at what happens behind the curtain which is a great resource for every dancer. So click here to start listening to the podcast.   

Let’s Talk Tights

Dancers have a love-hate relationship with tights. They can be itchy and sometimes leave red marks in the skin, but they are crucial in the dance world. With so many different types of tights out there it can be a bit overwhelming to pick the perfect pair of tights to wear for class. This is why we are going to break down every type of tights, as well as the pros and cons that go along with them so you can walk into the dance store and pick out the perfect pair of tights.

Footed Tights Vs Transitional / Convertible Tights

Now the names of the tights can show you a lot about them. As the name would imply the “Footed Tights” are completely footed. This means that the dancer’s entire foot will be covered with the tights at all times, essentially they look kind of like pantyhose. The Transitional / Convertible tights, on the other hand, have a hole on the foot of the tights to allow the dancer the freedom to roll them up to let the feet breathe or so they can put flip flops on to travel from the car to the studio or vice versa. Usually, the most popular tights for dance is the Transitional / Convertible tight because of the fact that the dancer can roll them up, but for younger dancers that are just starting out the seam at the foot could bother them so going with a footed tight for toddlers could be an option.

Elastic Waistband Vs. Self-knit Waistband

The waistband in a tight is also something to look at when buying a pair of tights as well. Dancers can wear these tights for hours on end and getting a pair of tights that are going to dig into the stomach can be uncomfortable as well as leave red marks on the stomach that just hurt. This is why some companies have created a self-knit waistband. Instead of being an elastic band that holds the tight up the self-knit waistband is a wide, elastic-free band that smooths out the harsh lines that some elastic bands can create. However, not all tights come with the option of the self-kit waistband yet.

Stir Up Tights

Stir up tights can have many uses and they are all up to the dancer. Sometimes dancers choose to wear stir up tights for pointe class because it comes up higher on the heel. This allows the pointe shoe to grab the skin and not slip, which can happen when a dancer uses a footed or transitional tight. Dancers can also use this tight for a contemporary number or class.

Footless Tights

Footless tights are mostly used in gymnastics or silks classes. This is because it allows the feet to grip the floor or silks so they do not slip.

Body tights

These tights cover your whole body from the torso to the feet. The good thing about them is that they will not create any red marks around the belly area. Body tights also smooth out the lines of that body. This is what makes them great to perform in, however, they can become a hassle to take off so make sure that if you have any quick changes that require changing tights.

Professional Fishnet Vs Economy Fishnets

So the main difference between a professional pair of fishnets and an economy pair of fishnets is the fact the professional fishnet is made a little bit stronger than the economy pair. This means the professional pair will last longer than the economy one. So If your just going to be using the fishnet for one number in one show the economy pair of fishnets might be what you are looking for. However, if you are going to be performing multiple shows and you want something that will last longer then splurge for the professional pair.

Fishnets With The Seam Or Without

While we are on the topic of fishnets we can talk about getting a pair with the seam or without. This is something that the dance teacher will likely tell you if you will be needing or not. Basically, if the teacher says you will be needing a pair of tights that have a seam then this will mean that you are looking for a fishnet that has a line running down the back of the tights. Usually, this is used in shows if the number calls for it and will likely not be used in class unless they are doing a rehearsal. Again the dance teacher will most likely let you know if you will be needing them.    

Let’s Talk Colors

Tights come in an array of colors. For ballet, the color will always be pink (the package might say ballet pink, theatrical pink, light pink, professional pink, or something like that) Useless the studio gives a particular brand then any of these will be allowed just pick the color that you like the best. Jazz class usually require tan or black tights. Nine times out of ten it will be tan but sometimes black is used as well. For the jazz classes that require tan it is best to go into a store and try and color match to the best of your ability, but at the same time you’re probably not going to get an exact match and that is ok. For fishnets, the popular colors are black or tan and it really depends on what your performance calls for as to which color you are going to want to get. Make sure that you talk to your teacher or choreographer before you get the wrong the color.  


Tights Subscription

DanceWear Corner is proud to introduce our new tights subscription service. Now you never need to worry about running out of tights again. With this new service, you can get all the tights you need sent directly to your home without stepping foot into a store and the more you buy the more you save.


With dance classes starting up again, it is important to understand all of these differences to make sure that you are getting the best pair of tights for whatever class you choose to take because you will be spending a lot of time in them. For all of your dancewear shopping needs stop by our superstore in Orlando or click here to visit our online site.


Evoke Studio Was at DanceWear Corner

On September 15th, we had Evoke Studio in the store for a very special portrait session.

If you didn’t know Evoke Studio is a collaborative studio located in southwest Florida, which services the state of Florida and beyond. Michael Vok Pick and Jessica R. Bunger are the dynamic duos behind Evoke Studio. Together they have created a remarkably various portfolio ranging from wedding and engagement photos to senior portraits, headshots, and dance photography. Their decades of experience working with parents and student-athletes makes their partnership something destined for dance photography awesomeness.

Michael and Jessica make it a pointe to ensure that each person who comes to their sessions feel comfortable in front of the camera. This concept was no different during the portrait session at DanceWear Corner. Even the dancers that may have been nervous about getting in front of the camera were put at ease by Michael and Jessica. More importantly, than the beautiful photos, Michael and Jessica work hard to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The session included the dancers being photographed both in front of a traditionally used black screen as well as all around the store.

They believe that a picture should not only say a thousand words but also evoke a thousand feelings as well, or at least a feeling. Be sure to check out more of their work at


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