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Secrets To Successful Auditions by Kimberly Falker

From the host of Balancing Pointe Podcast comes a book that will help to answer the six major questions every dancer must ask themselves when they are considering going to a Summer Intensive.

Kimberly Falker, the author of Secrets To Successful Auditions, has had the unique opportunity of interviewing those who are living and working in the world of professional dance. Over the course of two years she has interviewed over 150 top ballet experts. These experts have provided tips on a multitude of ballet and dance related topics such as: how to do well in auditions, how to have a successful Summer Intensive, and how to aim toward a career in ballet and dance. Falker knows that the audition process and Summer Intensives can be a difficult world to navigate. This is why she has chosen to taken everything that she has learned in her interviews and put them in a place that dancers and parents of dancers can access.

This book includes forwards from dancers Kathryn Morgan and Kaitlyn Gilliland as well as tips from many other principal dancers, soloists, directors, and choreographers.

The questions that this book helps to answer are the What? Why? Who? Where? How? And Which? Of the Summer Intensive world. Throughout the course of the book all of these questions get expanded on and you will leave with a better understanding of what Summer Intensives are,  why they are important, and how you can choose the best one for yourself or your dancer.

For more interviews and to get this book yourself you can click here.

Tiler Peck Takes Over Dancewear Corner

Tiler Peck is a pretty remarkable woman. Along with being an international award-winning Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet, she is also an actress and designer. She has made appearances on Dancing With the Stars in season 2, was a guest on Bravo’s TV show Rocco’s Dinner Party, stars in the film Ballet 422 and was a guest star in Julie Andrews’ new Netflix series, Julie’s Greenroom. On top of her TV show accomplishments, Tiler Peck has also been in Broadway productions such as ‘The Music Man’ and ‘Little Dancer’. With all that she has going on, Ms. Peck still finds time to design a line of wonderful leotards, dresses, tutus, shorts, and skirts for Bodywrappers that every dancer would love to preform in.


With all that she has accomplished in the world of Ballet what more could there be, right? Well, how about being the first Ballerina to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In earlier November Tiler Peck took the stage to show Ellen her moves and wow the audiences both in the studio and at home. To read more about Ms. Peck’s visit with Ellen click here.

On March 19, 2018 Dancewear Corner will have the honor of hosting a master class taught by Tiler Peck. Attendance of the master class will be by invitation only at the Orlando Super Store. However, people are welcome to come and observe the class. The event includes the master class itself, a special meet and greet and autograph session, a fashion show premiere of new 2018 Tiler Peck designs and a huge sale on all Bodywrappers merchandise. 


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How To Deal With Corrections and Criticisms

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The one thing that every dancer experiences is the feeling of getting corrected and criticized both in the classroom as well as in the professional world, the only thing that is different from dancer to dancer is how they handle these corrections and criticisms. Here are a few tips on dealing with the corrections and criticisms that you may face in the dance world.

Reframe Your Thinking

One must rethink corrections and criticisms that are given as just a simple piece of information that a person can use in order to get better. Remember that teachers provide corrections because they think that you can improve. So the next time a teacher gives you a correction remember that they are not trying to embarrass you in front of your friends in class they see potential in you and are trying to help you get even better. Likewise in a professional environment the choreographer wants the performance to look the best it can look on stage. This means that you can be corrected on everything from your walk from the wings to the steps choreographed, everything will be scrutinized and gone over with a fine toothed comb until show time so that you as the dancer will look the best you can look on stage.   

Remember why

You go to dance class in order to get better and in order to get better one needs to get feedback. It is important not to take this feedback personally especially if it is about your technique. Getting negative feedback does not mean that you are not talented and remember that even professionals get criticized. In class no matter if the teacher is correcting you personally listen to what the teacher is saying and pay attention to if you need to work on that as well. This goes along with reframing your mind when it comes to corrections and criticism.

Consider The Source

Teachers and choreographers give corrections and criticisms to make the dancer look the best they can. However, there are those teachers that seem to just criticize everything that a dancer does. When this happens listen to them and know that they are not criticizing you personally they want you to be the best you can be. So take everything they say as something that will make you better rather them something that tears you down.

Learn To Let Go

This maybe the hardest thing to do, but their are those teachers that no matter what you do you can never do it right. Still listen to what they have to say because it is vital but don’t carry that criticisms around with you outside of the classroom or practice. Don’t let the words and crisitism weigh on you because this is the easiest way to become defended when you leave the classroom or are not practicing shake off the crisitisms. However, do not completely forget them. When you are in the classroom or are practicing think back to what your teacher corrected in the last class.

I hope this has helped you in dealing with corrections and criticisms. Click here to check out what advice Kathryn Morgan has.  


DanceWear Corner Spotlight: Daltrey Schmidt

Daltrey Schmidt is the first winner of the Kathryn Morgan DWC Scholarship. She will be heading all the way to Russia to further her dance studies. With all that she has going on with in the month of February we wanted to get to know her better.

1.  What is your favorite dance class to take?

I absolutely love taking a basic ballet technique class. My favorite aspect of ballet is the daily work, just going into the studio and perfecting everything!

2. What’s your favorite piece of dance clothing you own/ owned?

My favorite piece of dancing clothing is is one of my navy blue Yumiko leotards; they’re so comfortable and really flattering.

3. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I would probably either bake pastries and cookies all night, or try to go to the ballet more often and see every single program at San Francisco Ballet.

4. What songs have you completely memorized?

I love “Wings” by Mackelmore; it’s my shower jam!

5. Who’s your go to band or artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to?

You can’t go wrong with Beyonce or John Legend!


Rapid Fire “This or That” Questions

Dog or Cat?


Netflix or YouTube?


Phone Call or Text?

Always a phone call.

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?


Cake or Pie?


Watching a movie at home or in the theater?

At a theater! But only in the leather recliner chairs 😉

Sneakers or Sandals?


Tablet or Computer?


While watching a movie: Candy or Popcorn?

Popcorn with extra butter is my ultimate weakness.

Pen or Pencil?


I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Daltrey.  We can’t wait to see what she does in Russia.

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