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Keep Calm – Year End Performances are Here

As you get ready for year end performances and competitions, keep these 9 tips in mind to reduce pre-show jitters.

Get plenty of rest

Nerves keeping you up at night? We’ve been there. It’s easy to say get plenty of rest, but what if you’re trying and still tossing and turning?

Go to bed early and stay off of your phone for a few hours before bedtime. Screen use before bed messes with your internal rhythms.

If you still can’t shut off your brain, try journaling those thoughts. Sometimes getting it down on paper gets it out of your head.

Reading is also a good relaxing distraction to ease you into sleep.

Stay Hydrated

We’re sure you’ve heard this one before, but staying hydrated not only keeps your muscles in shape, it also aids in digestion (to ease a nervous stomach) and keeps headaches away. Too little intake also leads to fatigue. Aim for 2 litres per day, plus 16-20 ounces an hour before you perform.

Make a Check List

Nothing is more stressful than getting to a performance having forgotten a key part of your gear. Or running around before you’re out the door trying to remember what you need. In the weeks before you perform, go through your dances, costumes and accessories and make a check list. Pack your gear the night before and mark items off your list. You’ll feel better knowing you have everything you need.

Stay away from sugar

We all love a little sweet snack now and then, but too much sugar cause spikes and crashes in your metabolism. These spikes can make you feel over anxious and jittery, and the crashes will make you feel sluggish, which is definitely not good before you hit the stage.

Don’t over-do training

We get it, you want to be prepared. But there’s something to be said for being over prepared. One, overtraining can lead to muscle strain or worse. Two, your body needs rest to keep a calm mind. If you’re having trouble finding a balance, ask your teacher how much training you should do outside of class


Warm ups are there to get your muscles ready to perform. Dynamic exercises get your muscles ready stretch further, important when doing your leaps!

Practice Meditative Breathing

There’s no need to go full on meditation trance, but practicing breathing helps calm the mind and prep the body. Find a quiet place and sit or lie down. Focus on your breathing. If you mind wanders, and it will, bring it back to your breath. Feel your breath filling each part of your body. Five or ten minutes is a good start.

Put on some Good Music

Don’t underestimate the power of the perfect playlist. We know you have that song that gets you pumped. Put on your headphones and tune out the rest of the world for a bit to get you in peak performance mode. What is your perfect song right now? Share with us on social or in the comments.


Even if you’re not in the mood, smile. The term, “fake it till ya make it” applies here. A smile, even if you’re not feeling it, will improve your mood. Even if you’re not feeling confident, a smile projects confidence and eases pre-show jitters. Put your best face, and foot, forward!

Listen Up! Conversations on Dance Podcast is Everything You Need.

DanceWear Corner is pleased to partner with Conversations on Dance, a podcast with an insider access to the world of professional ballet dancers.

Conversations on Dance was created and is hosted by Miami City Ballet dancer, Rebecca King Ferraro and former Miami City Ballet dancer, Michael Sean Breeden. Each episode brings a unique and behind-the-scenes perspective into ballet, choreography, costuming, lighting and even the education of dancers nationwide. To date, Rebecca and Michael have hosted 42 episodes. While a handful of podcasts are information from Michael and Rebecca themselves, a majority include engaging guests such as principal ballet dancers, artistic directors, costume designers, dance critics, dance historians and educators from a variety of companies and theaters.

Born from pre-performance talks at the Miami City Ballet, Michael and Rebecca felt they could take these informative sessions to a broader audience. Rebecca states, “We developed the idea to make each episode a casual and light conversation on the different elements of the professional ballet world.” ( She is passionate about bringing audience and fellow dancers alike behind the scenes into the world of ballet through social media and the Conversations on Dance Podcast.

Michael, on the other hand, explores his inquisitive thirst for knowledge through the podcast. He explains, “If I can share [knowledge] and inspire someone in the way that I’ve so often felt inspired by the art, then I think the podcast will have done its job.” ( Additionally, he hopes the podcast can assist dancers in important decisions, such choosing summer intensives or college programs.

Between Rebecca’s passion and Michael’s desire to share knowledge, the Conversations for Dance podcast a must-listen for aspiring and experienced dancers as well as lovers of dance. Find the Conversations on Dance Podcast on iTunes, Google Play or directly on the Conversations on Dance Website.

Follow Conversations on Dance’s Rebecca and Michael on Instagram where they post updates and giveaways.


Photos by Jon Taylor

DWC: Spotlight Dancer- Sofee Keener

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Spotlight Dancer- Sofee Keener 


Meet Sofee Keener, she is fourteen years old and is from Knoxville Tennessee! She has been dancing for seven years, and trains six to seven days a week at Knox Dance Worx.  She has so much passion for dancing and modeling and she hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams and always believe in themselves!

Pink                                                   Math!

Meghan Tranior                           “This is what you came for”

Zootopia and The Fifth Wave                    Pretty Little Liars

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Hunger Games

Mexican!                                 Seafood

Contemporary Ballet

I would be Joy in “Inside Out” because I like to make everyone happy!
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All of my dance shoes

I would take a trip to Orlando, Florida with my family and visit the DanceWear Corner and purchase one of everything!!
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Never cleaning out my dance bag?
collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0114 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0119 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0115 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0116  dancewear, leotards stores in orlando, dance store in orlando, dance photography,COLLETTE MRUK dance photographer orlando dancers dancewear corner

DWC goes back to class!

A look back on August and September and our back to school photography ads featuring Bloch Dancewear and our DWC Model and Ambassadors.

And yes, they are actually on the school bus and there was no photoshop! These models were troopers that day! it was over 100 degrees in Orlando and school buses don’t have air! They truly deserve a round of applause!


collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0107 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0106 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0105 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0104 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0103 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0102 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0101 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0100 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0099 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0098 collette-mruk-orlando-wedding-and-dance-photographer_0097

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