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Classical Ballets Every Dancer Should See

A Classical Ballet is a stunning performance of graceful movements set to the moving sounds of a orchestra. It is known for its aesthetics and precise technique. These ballets tell unforgettable stories that take the audience through a range of emotions. If you are a dancer who enjoys the Ballet, the list of the following are not ones to miss. Continue Reading


In 1898, Thomas Edison recorded a young street dancer performing acrobatic head spins and since then, Breakdancing has been growing and expanding daily. Early Pioneers refer to the style of dance as “B-Boying” or “Breaking.” It wasnt until the early 1970s when a group of street performers in New York City developed Breakdancing as a defined style of dance in the United States. Continue Reading

SYTYCD Season 11 Winner – Ricky Ubeda

Season 11 has ended and America has choosen Ricky Ubeda as the winner for So You Think You Can Dance! Born and raised in Miami, Fl,  Ricky started dancing at the age of nine but did not start any teqnique training until he was twelve. He specializes in Contemporary dance, though he is trained in many different styles. Continue Reading

Finding the Right Toe Pad for You

At your first pointe shoe fitting you will be introduced to one of the most unique and powerful dance shoes available. Pointe shoes allow dancers to appear as if they are weightless and floating while dancing. This is only possible if you have been fit properly with the correct pointe shoes and pointe shoe accessories for your particular feet. Continue Reading

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