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In 1898, Thomas Edison recorded a young street dancer performing acrobatic head spins and since then, Breakdancing has been growing and expanding daily. Early Pioneers refer to the style of dance as “B-Boying” or “Breaking.” It wasnt until the early 1970s when a group of street performers in New York City developed Breakdancing as a defined style of dance in the United States. Continue Reading

5- 6- 7- What? Learning Choreography

Learning a combination can be difficult, especially as a beginner, and defeating if you feel like you are falling behind in class. Find comfort in knowing that this is a very common problem with dancers. Starting out, chances are you have not yet acquired the tools it takes to retain a sequence of steps quickly and mimic them perfectly without messing up. Here are a few tips and tricks that may help next time you are trying to pick up a new choreography: Continue Reading

Finding the Right Toe Pad for You

At your first pointe shoe fitting you will be introduced to one of the most unique and powerful dance shoes available. Pointe shoes allow dancers to appear as if they are weightless and floating while dancing. This is only possible if you have been fit properly with the correct pointe shoes and pointe shoe accessories for your particular feet. Continue Reading

Spend the Summer Dancing!

Looking to stay on track this summer and continue your dance education? DanceWear Corner has 2 answers for you; Emotions Dance Company and ME Dance. Both dance companies are offering summer classes July through August in the Orlando area and are the perfect way to expand you dance experience this summer! Continue Reading

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