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Dancer Tips & Advice

Make Up Insprirations

From natural to dramatic, make up, along with costume, has the magic to transform yourself into any character. Appearance is the first thing the audience will notice and make up done properly undoubtably enhances the tone of the performance. Continue Reading

Classical Ballets Every Dancer Should See

A Classical Ballet is a stunning performance of graceful movements set to the moving sounds of a orchestra. It is known for its aesthetics and precise technique. These ballets tell unforgettable stories that take the audience through a range of emotions. If you are a dancer who enjoys the Ballet, the list of the following are not ones to miss. Continue Reading


In 1898, Thomas Edison recorded a young street dancer performing acrobatic head spins and since then, Breakdancing has been growing and expanding daily. Early Pioneers refer to the style of dance as “B-Boying” or “Breaking.” It wasnt until the early 1970s when a group of street performers in New York City developed Breakdancing as a defined style of dance in the United States. Continue Reading

5- 6- 7- What? Learning Choreography

Learning a combination can be difficult, especially as a beginner, and defeating if you feel like you are falling behind in class. Find comfort in knowing that this is a very common problem with dancers. Starting out, chances are you have not yet acquired the tools it takes to retain a sequence of steps quickly and mimic them perfectly without messing up. Here are a few tips and tricks that may help next time you are trying to pick up a new choreography: Continue Reading

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