5- 6- 7- What? Learning Choreography


Learning a combination can be difficult, especially as a beginner, and defeating if you feel like you are falling behind in class. Find comfort in knowing that this is a very common problem with dancers. Starting out, chances are you have not yet acquired the tools it takes to retain a sequence of steps quickly and mimic them perfectly without messing up. Here are a few tips and tricks that may help next time you are trying to pick up a new choreography: (more…)

Pics and More from the 2014 Anniversary Celebration!


It seems as if all of Central Florida came out to celebrate the 2014 DWC Orlando Superstore Anniversary! The event was just as successful as it was fun. Back- To-School shoppers received big savings with our 20% off store wide discount. Little dancers had a blast at the pointe shoe decorating and coloring stations. So You Think You Can Dance fans enjoyed their meet and greet with Tap Dancing Professional, Derick Grant, who also treated everyone to a spontaneous tap performance which can be seen at our Facebook. (more…)

Master Tap Class with Derick Grant


Derick K Grant has been tapping for 27 years. He started his training at the age of two at the Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts under many instructors such as Master Tap dancer, Diane Walker. Later on, he furthered his training in Los Angeles at Universal Dance Design Studio under the tutelage of Paul Kennedy. He then spent three years with the Jazz Tap Ensemble touring the world. (more…)